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Version: 1.0.3


VideoKit Android SDK#

The Zero-latency, Instantaneous, Full Featured Mobile Video Stack.

The purpose of VideoKit is to provide you with an easy way to integrate video playback, recording, and storage for your app. We provide 3 different modules:


Our core module handles all API connections between your app and our backend services. This includes uploading and fetching videos from our infrastructure.


Our recorder comes with a customizable camera system designed for easy integration. We provide a recording UI that quickly enables you to capture videos as well as a customizable system to implement your own recorder.


Our player package comes with a fully featured player that is able to play videos from our infrastructure with very low latency. We also provide playlist support that lets your app skip through a list of videos with minimal to no loading time.

Live (beta)#

Our live stream package comes with components for hosting and viewing live streams through our infrastructure with low or ultra low latency technologies.

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