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Version: Android SDK v1.1.0

Android Release Notes

The latest version of the VideoKit SDK for Android is 1.1.0.


  • New: Editor SDK with handy utilities to implement a video editing interface. It lets you build a single video from multiple individual clips (coming from the recorder module, for example), rearrange them, trim them and extract thumbnails.
  • New: Record.duration property includes the recorded video duration
  • New: Record.clips property includes all the clips that the record was made of
  • New: Recorder.writeClips, RecorderOptions.writeClips() and Clip.uri: when the writeClips option is enabled, each one of the recorder clips will be written individually to a separate uri found in Clip.uri. This makes it possible to use each clip as a file and pass them, for example, to the editor for rearrangement / editing.
  • New: Recorder.audioOptions and Recorder.videoOptions to configure audio/video encoding parameters like the resolution.
  • Enhancement: Record.galleryUri is not null if saveToGallery is true and video was imported from gallery
  • Fix: fix video transcoding issues in recorder for gallery imports


  • New: RecorderFragment.overlay, PlayerFragment.overlay and PagerFragment.overlay will return the root overlay view
  • Fix: fixed potential memory leaks with built-in fragments
  • Fix: fixed bug with permission requests moving recorder to wrong state
  • Fix: fixed crash when using import() APIs