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Version: Android 1.2.1

Update & Delete Videos

Updating and deleting videos happens through the video store component that you can retrieve with VideoKit.videos(). Just like other network APIs, you will need a valid session to perform these operation successfully. In addition, the current session identity must match the identity of the session who originally created the videos.

Updating videos#

To update videos, you need to create an update request:

// Option 1: Simple constructor
val request = UpdateRequest(title = "New Title")
// Option 2: Java-style builder
val request = UpdateRequest.builder()
.title("New Title")
.tags("New Tag")
.metadata("New Key", "New Value")
.location(latitude, longitude)
// Option 3: Kotlin-friendly builder
val request = UpdateRequest.builder {
title("New Title")
tags("New Tag")
metadata("New Key", "New Value")
location(latitude, longitude)

Then, the request must be passed to the video store:

val videos: VideoStore = VideoKit.videos()
videos.update(request).onSuccess {
// Updated!
}.onError {
// Something went wrong

Deleting videos#

To delete videos, all you need is the id of the video:

val videos: VideoStore = VideoKit.videos()
videos.delete("id").onSuccess {
// Deleted!
}.onError {
// Something went wrong
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