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Version: Android SDK v1.3.0

Android Release Notes

The latest version of the VideoKit SDK for Android is 1.3.0.


Version 1.3.0 refactors and renames many SDK components. Please refer to the documentation.


  • New: Signed playback support. Added PlaybackPolicy constants (either PUBLIC or SIGNED). This value can be chosen when uploading the video through the UploadRequest object and retrieved from the Video object itself later on. To play SIGNED videos, added the TokenRegistry class for adding tokens generated by your server. You can access the current registry using VideoKit.tokens().
  • New: HLS support. Added Video.hlsUrl getter which is used by default during playback and guarantees better performance on variable bandwidth conditions when quality is Quality.AUTO. You can disable HLS playback by setting Player.useHls and Playlist.preloadUseHls to false.
  • Enhancement: scoped sessions support through VideoKit.sessions(). You can now pass a list of strings when starting the session, representing the user access permissions. Please check the sessions documentation for more information.
  • Enhancement: Added Quality.FIXED_144P, Quality.FIXED_240P representing lower quality video renditions.
  • Deprecation: Deprecated Quality.LOW, Quality.MEDIUM and Quality.HIGH constants. They are replaced by Quality.FIXED_360P, Quality.FIXED_540P, Quality.FIXED_720P.
  • Deprecation: Deprecated Video.lowMP4Url, Video.mediumMP4Url and Video.highMP4Url. They are replaced by Video.mp4Urls, a map which can be accessed using the quality constants (e.g. val url = video.mp4Urls[Quality.FIXED_360P]).


  • New: LiveStream SDK is now available at${version}. Please check out documentation and the new sample app.
  • Fix: fixed white flash in recorder when transitioning to the video preview
  • Fix: fixed different issues with video transcoding in editor


  • New: Editor SDK with handy utilities to implement a video editing interface. It lets you build a single video from multiple individual clips (coming from the recorder module, for example), rearrange them, trim them and extract thumbnails.
  • New: Record.duration property includes the recorded video duration
  • New: Record.clips property includes all the clips that the record was made of
  • New: Recorder.writeClips, RecorderOptions.writeClips() and Clip.uri: when the writeClips option is enabled, each one of the recorder clips will be written individually to a separate uri found in Clip.uri. This makes it possible to use each clip as a file and pass them, for example, to the editor for rearrangement / editing.
  • New: Recorder.audioOptions and Recorder.videoOptions to configure audio/video encoding parameters like the resolution.
  • Enhancement: Record.galleryUri is not null if saveToGallery is true and video was imported from gallery
  • Fix: fix video transcoding issues in recorder for gallery imports


  • New: RecorderFragment.overlay, PlayerFragment.overlay and PagerFragment.overlay will return the root overlay view
  • Fix: fixed potential memory leaks with built-in fragments
  • Fix: fixed bug with permission requests moving recorder to wrong state
  • Fix: fixed crash when using import() APIs