VKit Overview OUT OF DATE

The purpose of VKit is to provide you an easy way to integrate video playback, recording, and storage for your app.

We provide this simplicity through the following few classes:

Class Purpose
Account Main facility in configuring account session
VideoStore Provides access to the video in your collection
VideoPlaylist A collection of queried videos
VideoObject Video object used and stored by VKit
PlaybackFragment For embeding video player in your activity
PlaybackSupportFragment For embeding video player if using Android Support Library
PlaybackActivity Out-of-box video player that can play specified playlist
VideoPlaylistRequest Get collection of videos with advance querying options


This class provides the central control over a session on You can do the following within this class:


This class provides access to the entire video collection container for your app. It provides facilities to both query and delete videos.


This object represents a collection of videos that represents a certain set of metadata and tags.

You use tags to indicate words that are associated with the video. For example a birthday video may have tags like birthday, candle, cake.

As for metadata you would use it indicate specific information for your own implementation processing. It is a dictionary of [String:String]. For example you may want to indicate the version of your app that the video was taken with like "AppVersion":"2.5".


This data objects represents a single video. It is the object that the player uses to play a video and also the object which is returned when the recorder has recorded a video.

Each video has information with regards to tags and metadata associated with it.


This class encapsulates Video Player functionality in a Fragment that makes it easy to embed video player functionality in your custom Activity. It makes it easy for app developers since all the complexity of handling activity lifecycle events are handled for you.

If you require custom UI for video playback, use PlaybackFragment instead of PlaybackActivity. If you are using Android Support Library, use PlaybackSupportFragment instead.


Provides same functionality as PlaybackFragment. Use this class if you are using Android Support Library.


This Activity class provides out of box video playback experience. It shows list of videos in the specified VideoPlayist object passed to it and has video player functionality to play them. If you are okay with default experience, you could use PlaybackActivity.


Represents query to fetch videos from the server. Specify your search criteria using easy fluent interface. Currently you could query by tags and/or metadata.

For more information about the framework, please head to the API Reference site.