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Version: Android SDK v1.3.0


Our Recorder has built-in support for previewing the video that has just been recorded, offering a natural confirmation screen before the upload is confirmed. At this point, the user can choose to:

  • go back to recording (for example, to record more clips)
  • confirm. In this case the Recorder.Observer.onResult(recording) function will be invoked soon

You can enter and exit the preview state using the following functions:

// Calling this will move state to RecorderState.Preview, if there's something to preview
// or, in other words, recorder.recording != null

// Use this to go back to the recording UI in RecorderState.Idle. All video information is kept,
// so that user can record more clips.

We also offer controls specific to the RecorderState.Preview state:

// Playback
recorder.setPreviewPlayback(true) // start playing
recorder.setPreviewPlayback(false) // stop playing
recorder.togglePreviewPlayback() // toggle it

// Show preview time
recorder.addObserver(object : Recorder.Observer {
override fun onPreviewTimeChanged(previewTime: Long) {
// Preview is playing at previewTime milliseconds.

Coroutine users can collect Recorder.previewTimeFlow instead.