VKit Overview

The purpose of VKit is to provide you an easy way to integrate video playback, recording, and storage for your app.

V Apps

First of all you should register your application at our Dashboard.

We provide this simplicity through the following few classes:

Class Purpose
VKAccount Main facility in configuring account session
VKVideoStore Provides access to the video in your collection
VKVideoPlaylist A collection of queried videos
VKVideoObject Video object used and stored by VKit
VKVideoPlayerController Video player used to play videos from the V platform
VKVideoRecorderController Video recorder used to record videos to be stored onto the V platform


This class provides the central control over a session on the V platform. You can do the following within this class:


This class provides access to the entire video collection container for your app. It provides facilities to both query and delete videos.


This object represents a collection of videos that represents a certain set of metadata and tags.

You use tags to indicate words that are associated with the video. For example a birthday video may have tags like birthday, candle, cake.

As for metadata you would use it indicate specific information for your own implementation processing. It is a dictionary of [String:String]. For example you may want to indicate the version of your app that the video was taken with like "AppVersion":"2.5".


This data objects represents a single video. It is the object that the player uses to play a video and also the object which is returned when the recorder has recorded a video.

Each video has information with regards to tags and metadata associated with it.


To play videos from the V platform, we have provided a player for you to play it. This player could take in a single VKVideoObject or a VKVideoPlaylist to play.


We provide this recorder to embed into your UI in order to provide video recording capabilities. When it completes recording, it uploads it to the V platform and also provide you a VKVideoObject reference to that new video.

For more information about the framework, please head to the API Reference site.