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Version: JavaScript SDK v1.0.3


Uploader is responsible for uploading videos to our service.


The uploader receives the following parameters:

const uploader = new Uploader(container, {
// Title to use for new video
title: '',
// Metadata to use for new video
metadata: {},
// List of tags to use for new video
tags: []

// And you could also change parameters after initialization, as follows
uploader.title = 'New title'
uploader.metadata = {
'newKey1': 'newValue1'
uploader.tags = ['newTag1']


The methods of the uploader component:

// Resets uploader to initial state if there is no active upload.
// If force set true, will cancel any active upload and will force reset.

// Destor player instance and remove element from DOM


The uploader provides following events:

// Upload was started
uploader.subscribe('uploadStarted', (event, upload) => {})
// Upload progress was changed
uploader.subscribe('uploadProgress', (event, { upload, progress }) => {})
// Upload state was changed
uploader.subscribe('uploadStateChanged', (event, { upload, state }) => {})
// Upload was cancelled
uploader.subscribe('uploadCanceled', (event, upload) => {})
// Upload was completed
uploader.subscribe('uploadCompleted', (event, upload) => {})