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Version: JavaScript SDK v1.1.0


VideoKit JavaScript SDK

The Zero-latency, Instantaneous, Full Featured Mobile Video Stack.

The purpose of VideoKit is to provide you an easy way to integrate video playback, uploading, and storage for your app.

We provide a set of components that can be divided into two groups:


Core part of SDK handles all API connections between your app and our backend services. This includes session management, uploading and fetching videos, and realtime notifications from our infrastructure.


The UI part of the SDK contains a set of UI components and utilities for ease of implementation for your particular application. We provide the following UI components:


Full featured player able to play videos from our infrastructure with very low latency. We also provide playlist support that allows your app to play through a list of videos with minimal to no loading time.


Our uploder component allows you to upload videos to our infrastructure. It comes with a nice UI, upload progress information, status updates and error handling.