Quick Start

Short video tutorial of how to add a list of videos with QR code to your page.


To start using the SDK just add this script to your HTML page.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

It will load the last version of the SDK and initialize it with YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_SESSION_TOKEN. Alternatively, you can initialize the SDK with your application ID and session token, using V.account.init method.

    appId: 'YOUR_APP_ID',
    sessionToken: 'YOUR_SESSION_TOKEN'

If you don't have application ID yet, you can sign up in V platform and create it.

Basic examples

Once the SDK is here, you can start create UI components and manipulate your videos. Below you can see a list basic use cases.

Video component

To create a video player with some video on your page just put this tag to the needed place:

<v-player data-video="46e8172e-86bd-4d50-9aed-e804babfc845"></v-player>

Playlist component

If you want to create a playlist with set of videos filtered by some tag, you can use the following code:

<v-playlist data-fetch-params="{'tags': ['animal']}"></v-playlist>

QR code component

To create QR code component with some metadata, just add this tag on your page.

<v-qrcode data-metadata="{ 'type': 'wild' }"></v-qrcode>

This code will generate QR code element, that can be used for recording of new video with specified metadata using mobile SDK.

Upload component

Also, to create a new video you can use upload component, to generate it just append this code to your page:

<v-upload data-tags="['animal']"></v-upload>

You can use this component for uploading of existing videos from your device.

By using of these very few lines of code you can create fully functional components on your web page. To get more details about SDK read Guide section.