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Version: iOS SDK v1.3.0


We provide two PlayerProtocol implementations that you can choose from depending on your case. Using them is a bit different but they all share the same functionality from the PlayerProtocol protocol.

  • A default implementation called Player
  • A UIKit-specific implementation called PlayerViewController. It conforms to the player protocol by delegating to a Player under the hood.

The default player

Player is the low level implementation that, unlike the others, is detached from the UI. You will typically hold the default instance in the "view model" layer of your app.

let player = Player()

Attaching to the UI

In order to show the UI you must add the player view, Player.view to some view in your hierarchy. For example, in a view controller:

open override func viewDidLoad() {

The player ViewController

PlayerViewController is a UIKit-based implementation of our player protocol, which does what was stated above - adds the video preview view as a child element covering the full size of the controller.

let player = PlayerViewController()

After creating the view controller, it can be added to your hierarchy and it will show the camera preview.


We don't offer any SwiftUI utility at the moment, but it is trivial to implement a SwiftUI player based on PlayerViewController using UIViewControllerRepresentable.